Garlic And Honey | Benefits, Uses & Side Effects

Garlic and honey seem to be a rather odd combination of flavours to be swirling inside our mouths, but maybe the best of things come from something unexpected. These two have been able to partner up and make mouth-watering healthy dishes in our food habit. This combination has also weaved itself into the medical field as remedies for respiratory ailments, overweight issues and such. They pose anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and cardioprotective properties, thus helping to boost up our immune system. Being an age-old remedy for various ailments, people have searched up ‘Garlic and Honey Benefits’ enough to render it to the top.   

Garlic And Honey Mixture – A Salutary Herbal Remedy For Men & Women

Keeping in pace with the technological advancements, even the diseases around us have begun making their own development. And though we opt for advanced technology in most cases, for some reason in case of health, we tend to go all-natural. This is where garlic and honey benefit us the most. 

Garlic And Honey Components

Both garlic and honey can make a very potent combination together when consumed according to thousands of years of medicinal history. Allicin, a component of raw garlic is what provides the medicinal values, as well as the pungent smell too. A garlic clove a day on an empty stomach helps battle arterial complications, brings the lipid levels down and also prevents explosion in our bellies we never want. It is almost impossible to consume enough raw garlic for a man or woman even if he/she loves garlic.

But by combining the honey and garlic, the intensity of garlic flavour intermingle and can make it more tolerable for one to eat raw garlic in high quantities. Being an antioxidant, honey is antibacterial and antimicrobial and is also loaded with vitamins and minerals and can act as a multivitamin itself. So when they come together, they can improve the palate as well as health (antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, shedding fat and what not!)

Thus when the best of both worlds collide, we get a harvest of precious good health for a considerable part of our lives.


How To Use Garlic And Honey?

A recipe of fermented garlic and honey benefits a man to enjoy an excellent beginning of his day. For better absorption, people should take the mixture on an empty stomach. One can use garlic cloves & honey in many ways to maintain his/her daily diet. Here are some tips on its usage process-

  • One can use garlic flavoured honey instead of regular honey in his/her daily recipes. Thus this combination can help him/her much more in maintaining diets.
  • Raw garlic with water is a common home remedy for several health problems like hypertension, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.
  • Mixture of garlic cloves & honey can be used as a polish over fried chicken, pork or fish, which is one of our favourite recipes.
  • One can also make a remedy by tossing the peeled garlic cloves in the jar and pouring the honey over them to cover them entirely. And then, shut the jar’s lid tightly and shake it to let the honey coat the garlic completely. Now, allow the mixture to sit while the nutrients intermingle amongst themselves.
  • One can achieve a faster weight loss too through picking out one garlic clove daily after grinding it with a spoon or a knife and consuming it on an empty stomach.

So one can use a combination of garlic and honey in many ways in his/her day to day life to avail various garlic and honey benefits.

Best Garlic And Honey Benefits – Immunity Booster

Garlic and honey both have healthy ingredients that help one maintain a balanced diet and increase the immune system to prevent illness. To discuss various garlic and honey benefits, we must focus on the following significant aspects-

Reducing heart attack 

Garlic, taking a variety of forms like fresh, powdered and green have been used as a Strong All-natural food that can help maintain cardiovascular health. That garlic is used as an extraordinary component to help reverse early heart disease by removing plaque buildup in arteries might be the most remarkable characteristic of this fantastic herbal stuff. Researches in both animal and human studies show that garlic can play a unique role in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well as prevent blood clots. Simultaneously, honey can act as natural antioxidants and help keep the heart healthy and pumping since it is rich in phenolic compounds.

Boosting weight loss

Raw garlic and honey can act as a Godsend for someone if he or she is in detox mode since this unusual tonic can play a significant role in detoxifying one’s body ultimately. Through generating appetite and boosting digestion, this tonic can help in weight loss. So honey and garlic are the normative instruments for one’s weight loss journey, as physicians often state that a sound digestive system is a key to a quicker weight loss. And this weight loss remedy can be a must-try for one as it can improve one’s skin health and prevent breakouts because both the components are natural blood purifiers. For ensuring a quicker weight loss, raw garlic and honey benefits on an empty stomach. 

Protecting brain health

Because of its widespread use around the world and cherished belief that it plays a role in maintaining good health by warding off illness and providing more vigour, garlic has also drawn particular attention to modern medicine. Recently garlic has also emerged as a neuroprotective agent which has launched another beneficial door for human health. Various researches have shown that Allyl sulfide in garlic helps counteract the gut bacteria that affect on memory problems.

A natural cold and flu relief remedy

According to research, honey consists of various powerful antiviral properties. Allicin is the prime ingredient in garlic that improves the disease-fighting response in white blood cells in the body, especially when they face viruses that are responsible for the common cold and flu. In particular, fermented garlic or aged garlic can brilliantly help in decreasing the intensity of the syndromes of natural cold and flu. So it’s evident that regularly eating raw garlic can help support one’s respiratory system as a general antimicrobial and support both heart health and digestion as well as can help keep one’s immune system and reduce the severity of colds and the flu.

Preventing bacterial infection

According to medical researches, a concoction of raw garlic and honey can fight against some kinds of bacteria from growing. Garlic and honey the age-old dose can be a potent weapon that helps fight against several types of bacteria that cause illness and infections, such as Pneumonia.

Furthermore, we can also use garlic to prevent diabetes since many believe it to be able to reduce pre-meal blood sugar. But, in the case of honey, one needs to be careful in consuming honey if he/she has diabetes. Moreover, applying a gel that contains 0.6% ajoene (a kind of chemical in garlic) twice a day is believed to be effective in treating Athlete’s foot (a disease caused by the fungus Tinea pedis). Those who are suffering from erectile dysfunction may also be cured by consuming a natural marinade of fermented garlic in honey. These are but, some of the many ways in which garlic and honey can play a positive role in our health. 


Is there any side effects?

Despite having so many garlic and honey benefits, one must look out for some restrictions too. One may experience some kinds of problems like bad breath, body odour, heartburn, gas, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or an upset stomach from taking too much garlic and honey. This homemade tonic can also aggravate allergic reactions in specific individuals. While consuming honey, people with a pollen allergy must be careful as it can stimulate wheezing, coughing and skin reactions among other symptoms.

Besides, honey needs to be had in moderation as it contains natural sugar. On the other hand, raw garlic may also intensify the chances of risk of bleeding after surgery. Garlic used in medicinal amounts may also be unsafe during pregnancy and breast-feeding. Moreover, there is not enough reliable information about the safety of applying raw garlic to the skin if one is pregnant or breastfeeding. Some sources also suggest that an excessive dose of garlic could be dangerous or even fatal to children. Lastly, in people with already low blood pressure, garlic may adversely affect them by further dropping the blood pressure. 

To Wrap It Up

It is undoubtedly true that in various homes, Garlic and Honey Benefits have shown their miraculous effects on the chronically debilitated. So, even though spicy and sweet may not be our dream flavours, it is a dream remedy for various ailments, to say the least, when used in correct doses and favourable circumstances. 

But, no matter how natural a thing is, there might be hidden little evils ready to jump out at the first chance possible. Hence before taking this infusion, one must be aware of their health status and whether they have any contraindications to it. You may ask, “Since they are all-natural, why would my body not want that?” History bears witness to how the Trojans first gifted the large wooden horse to get access into Greece and then wreak havoc by releasing the soldiers from within. So, Better open the horse and get a peek inside before letting the fire ablaze! 


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