Buckwheat Honey | Benefits, Side Effects And Recipes

Buckwheat honey benefits us all because of its richness in antioxidants. Especially raw buckwheat honey has many health benefits and is considered better than traditional kinds of honey. 

If you have questions like what is buckwheat honey, its benefits, the reason for taking buckwheat honey, and side effects, we have covered all the necessary information related to buckwheat honey here.

Let’s find out!

What is Buckwheat Honey?

First of all, Buckwheat honey comes from buckwheat flowers. It’s a very tiny flower; bees work hard to collect nectar from it. 

Buckwheat flowers are usually purple colors, dark one. Sometimes, it looks like a grain, but it’s not related to wheat. 

Buckwheat honey comes in a dark color because of high antioxidant properties and with a strong aroma around it. It’s dark honey, its sweetness level is not as high as traditional honey’s. This honey feels very smooth in the mouth and leaves a sweet taste behind. 

Buckwheat honey has many medical benefits for health-related problems and immunity-boosting properties. 

***A 2004 Cornell University report on a study showed people who drank 80 g of a buckwheat honey drink increased their antioxidant capacity by 7 percent. (nutrab.com)***

Buckwheat Honey

Let’s take a look at the buckwheat honey nutrition list –

  • 17 free fatty acids
  • 10 alcohol
  • 5 phenols
  • 7 ketones
  • 6 esters
  • 18 aldehydes
  • 10 furans
  • 12 terpenes
  • 2 miscellaneous ones.

(*Source – Sara Panseri et al., 2013)

Health Benefits of Buckwheat honey

As buckwheat honey is not the same as traditional honey’s, it has some extra benefits over other kinds of honey. Those are – 

  •       Cholesterol Control

Medical research shows that Buckwheat honey has properties which reduce cholesterol level in blood and high blood pressure. Circulation of blood improvement in the heart too.

  •       Antioxidant Boosting          

Buckwheat honey contains a good amount of antioxidant capacity. Regular taking this honey boosts our immunity system for fighting free radicals damage. That’s why it prevents us from several diseases. 

  •       Prevents Cancer DNA mutations

Buckwheat honey contains free phenolic extract, which shows breast cancer anticancer activities. It might not contain direct prevention but this honey has properties that might prevent cancer. 

  •       Wound Treatment

From ancient times, many reports about honey prevent infection at wounds. Applying buckwheat honey in the wound kills bacterias, fungus, and microbes; as a result, the wound doesn’t lead to infection. 

  •       Skin Cares

Buckwheat honey absorbs excessive water in the skin and gives a protective barrier in the skin. Skin cells regrow efficiently because of buckwheat honey’s collagen properties. As a result, buckwheat honey benefits for the skin.  

  •       Cough Problems

Scientific research has shown results that honey, especially buckwheat honey, prevents respiratory infections. For children who are coughing and couldn’t sleep well at night because of coughing, this honey soothes their unease and prevents upper respiratory infections. 

  •       Bodyweight Management

Buckwheat honey is a good protein source. High protein foods work great with weight loss management because it leads to less hunger throughout the day. For this reason, buckwheat honey should be included in the dietary plan. 

Other Benefits of Buckwheat honey

This dark honey has several other benefits too, alongside health benefits. For example – 

  • Atherosclerosis prevention and treatment.
  • Detox of the lever.
  • Hemoglobin content increment.
  • After a high blood loss, surgical process improves recovery.
  • Diabetes mellitus quality for type-2.
  • Pulmonary disease improvement.
  • Decreases time of wound & fracture healing.
  • Treatment & prevention of bacterial infection.
Buckwheat Honey
Honey bee

Reasons to eat buckwheat honey

There are several benefits to eating honey. Buckwheat honey tastes good, has several health benefits, goes well with different recipes. Some reasons for eating buckwheat honey are – 

  •       Rich in Antioxidants

While drinking black tea with a mixture of buckwheat honey gives three times more antioxidants than regular honey. One teaspoon of this honey regularly gives a remedy for cold problems too.

  •       Boosts Energy

Carbohydrates and Fiber in buckwheat honey serve as a high energy source. Carbohydrates slowly absorb in the bloodstream because of its complex nature. It gives enough energy for all day long. 

  •       Blends well with Recipes

Buckwheat honey recipes include a lot of different options. From waffles, pancakes, toasts, yogurts also beef brewing, BBQ, to goat cheese. It adds an uncommon sweet flavor to different recipes. 

  •       Better than OTC Cough Syrup

Buckwheat honey has antioxidant and antimicrobial effects well-established. Medical Research has shown that if children catch cold or coughing problems, a sleeping problem because of coughing, then a single dose of Buckwheat Honey can remedy those problems. It’s proven that buckwheat honey works better than OTC cough syrup for children under 18.

Buckwheat honey side effects (possibility)

Buckwheat Honey is possibly safe to eat. We didn’t find any serious side effects of buckwheat honey. But for the safer side, we should pause eating buckwheat honey in some situations like – 

  •       Pregnancy Time

Breastfeeding and Pregnancy time is quite difficult for everyone. As a precaution, we shouldn’t give mothers buckwheat honey during pregnancy. 

  •       Gluten sensitivity or Celiac disease

Gluten sensitivity or celiac disease patients should avoid buckwheat honey as it contains gluten.

  •       Buckwheat Allergy

While processing buckwheat honey from the honey cave, those might face allergic problems like itching skin, rashes, asthma. So precautions are necessary in those situations. 

  •       Allergic to Other Foods 

Those who are allergic to other foods might develop the same symptom while eating buckwheat honey. 

 Buckwheat Honey Recipes

Buckwheat Honey blends pretty well with everyday foods. The thick texture of this honey and smoothness is ideal for many recipes. Brings a unique flavor to the foods cooked with it. Several recipes work great with Buckwheat Honey. Some recipes are given below – 

  • Buckwheat Honey with Grilled Salmon Salad

       Ingredients – Raw buckwheat honey (4 tablespoons), Salmon fillet (about 1lb), Soya sauce (3 tablespoons), Olive oil (2 table spoons), Clove of garlic, 1 lemon, Romaine salad (200g), 2 avocados, Dill (20g), Plum tomatoes (150g).

  • Buckwheat Honey Hot Toddy

       Ingredients – 2 cinnamon sticks, 2 orange wedges, ¾ cup boiling water, 1 tbsp buckwheat honey, 2 ounces Kentucky bourbon.

  • Pumpkin Spice Smoothie

       Ingredients – 2 tsp buckwheat honey, 1 tsp pumpkin spice, 2 tsp almond butter, 2/4 cup almond milk (unsweetened), 1 banana (frozen), ½ cup canned pumpkin..

  • Spiced Cookies

      Ingredients – 1 cup whole wheat flour, ½ tea spoon Kosher salt, ½ cup raw cane sugar, ½ tsp allspice (ground), 1 cup all-purpose flour, ½ tsp cardamom (ground), 1 tsp ginger (ground), ½ tsp nutmeg (ground), ½ tsp cloves (ground), 1 large egg, ¼ cup buckwheat honey, 2 ½ tsp baking soda, 1 cup light brown sugar, 1 ½ stick unsalted butter.

  • Buckwheat Honey Barbecue Sauce

     Ingredients – 5 ml Worcestershire sauce, 125 ml of strongly brewed coffee, 60 milligram cider vinegar, 175 milligram Buckwheat honey, 125 ml ketchup, 75 ml crown royal, two cloves garlic, minced, one finely diced onion, 45 ml Canola oil.

We have given some popular buckwheat honey recipes here. You can try out different combinations, too based on your experience for a richer feel.

Buckwheat Honey
Honey Bee

 Places to buy best quality buckwheat honey

Nowadays, Buckwheat Honey is getting popular in China and many other countries. Previously it was mainly coming from North America. Day by day, people are focusing on natural ingredients for remaining healthy. 

So, if we ask – where to buy buckwheat honey? The answer is simple – the nearest supermarket or grocery store. You can find online too on amazon.com or other honey sellers websites. 

It might take some time if you order online for the shipment, but that’s hassle-free.


*Tips – when buying buckwheat honey, check out the color first. If the color is not deep, then it’s not pure, it might contain mixing. Another thing is if you are a new buyer of buckwheat honey, don’t order a big jar. Instead, try to buy a sample or little one to check out if this honey suits your taste or not. 


Raw buckwheat honey is the best buckwheat honey available in the market. Some best ones are – 

  •       Sandt’s All Natural Honey 

100 percent pure buckwheat honey collected only from nectars of buckwheat near Florida. No extra chemicals were added. 

  •       Winter Park Honey

USA brand winter park produces natural buckwheat honey without giving extra hit, no filtering, no processing. It comes straight from the honeycomb.

  •       Goshen Amish Honey

Raw buckwheat honey is Goshen Amish honey because it’s also 100% pure honey, comes unprocessed. No pesticides or artificial additives or colors were added while processing. Works best with coffee, tea, or recipes. 

From our point of view, based on quality and accessibility, those three buckwheat honey’s are the best ones out there.

Final Thought

Buckwheat honey benefits are unparalleled to other kinds of honey. A lot of research on buckwheat honey shows that this honey is one kind of medicine. 

It’s a dark honey with lots of antioxidants and is well known for this specialty. Popular in North America, now spreading popularity throughout other continents because of its quality.

Another important aspect of this honey, it blends very well with different kinds of recipes.

It has several medical benefits and a good impact on human bodies. Especially raw buckwheat honey is the best one. 

We discussed everything you need to know, from purchasing to consuming buckwheat honey here. Also where to purchase, tips for purchasing, and some of the best buckwheat honey in the market, that information too. 

So why are you waiting? Don’t hesitate to add Buckwheat honey to your regular diet. Have a good day.


F.A.Q ( Frequently Asked Questions )

  • What Is Buckwheat Honey? Uses, Nutrition, And Benefits.

Ans – Buckwheat honey is a natural extraction of purple color honey from the nectar of buckwheat flowers. Its nutritional benefits are great for human bodies and used for medical purposes sometimes. 

  • Where to buy buckwheat honey and what to keep in mind.

Ans – The best places to buy buckwheat honey are local markets and online trusted stores. Go to raw buckwheat honey, keep that in mind.  

  • Buckwheat honey: a natural remedy for cough?

Ans – Yes! It’s medically proven and has different articles about how this natural remedy works. 



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